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XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores

Jocelyn Flores
Cover of the album "17" which contains the song Jocelyn Flores

"Jocelyn Flores" is one of rapper XXXTENTACION's most impactful songs, released in 2017 as part of the album "17". The song is a tribute to the young Jocelyn Amparo Flores, a friend of the rapper who committed suicide during a visit to him in Florida.

The song's lyrics are a deep and emotional expression of pain, mourning and reflection on loss. XXXTENTACION uses the track to address themes of depression and mental health, bringing to light the complexity of his feelings regarding Jocelyn's death. The collaboration with Shiloh Dynasty adds a melodic and introspective layer to the song, creating a dark and reflective atmosphere.

"Jocelyn Flores" highlights XXXTENTACION's ability to transform painful personal experiences into art, resonating with many listeners facing similar situations. The song serves as a potent reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and supporting those going through difficult times.

The song's message is especially relevant to discussions about mental well-being in the professional environment, reinforcing the need for empathy and ongoing support in all spheres of life.


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