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EXIT EDEN - Femme Fatale (Official Video) - Marina La Torraca

New album cover

Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner combine the powers of their well-known voices in EXIT EDEN, a band that combines everything that the here and now demands: cosmopolitanism, self-confidence, independence and the absolute will to do what you want .

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“When our paths initially crossed, years ago, we were strangers and became friends, allies, sisters in crime…

With the song ‘Femme Fatale’ we turned the tables, played with our own cards and established new rules. We free ourselves from prejudices and limitations, embracing our true nature and femininity, reclaiming our power to be modern witches – resilient, liberated, WE ARE Femmes Fatales.”

About another clip from Marina, but now by Banda Phamton Elite, click here.

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