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Top 10 Social Media Metrics to Boost Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing
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Social networks play a crucial role in the current scenario, being essential showcases for companies to consolidate their online presence. However, to achieve success in this digital environment, it is essential to understand and analyze the right metrics. In this article, we will explore the top 10 social media metrics that can boost the performance of your digital marketing strategies.

Differentiating Social Metrics and Business Metrics

Before diving into metrics, it's crucial to distinguish between social metrics and business metrics. While social metrics are related to presence and interaction on social networks, business metrics are directly aimed at increasing sales. Clear objective planning is essential to guide your actions effectively.

Social Metrics:

  1. Reach: Identifies how many people viewed your content on social media, differentiating between organic and paid reach.

  2. Engagement: Measures audience interaction with your posts, including likes, comments, and shares.

  3. Followers: Reflects the number of people interested in your publications, despite being a vanity metric.

Business Metrics:

  1. Quote Request: Evaluates the direct demand generated by your actions, reflecting the customer's potential interest.

  2. Average Ticket: Indicates the average value of transactions, allowing analysis of the purchasing power of your audience.

  3. Sales Volume: Uses metrics such as conversion rate, ROI and ROAS to measure results and drive sales.

  4. Purchase Recurrence: Evaluates customer loyalty, crucial for sustainable business growth.

  5. Churn Rate: Monitors the number of canceled customers, providing insights into satisfaction and retention.

Social Media Metrics:

1. Range:

Reach reveals the number of views of your content, highlighting distribution across different platforms. Differentiating between organic and paid reach is crucial to adjust your strategies depending on the platform.

2. Engagement:

This metric measures audience interaction with your posts. Positive engagement not only strengthens reputation but also contributes to brand recognition.

3. Brand Sentiment:

Understanding whether engagement is positive or negative is vital. Use metrics like Brand Awareness to measure the reputation and level of trust associated with your brand.

4. Growth by Channel:

Evaluate the increase in your follower base, engagement and social traffic to calculate your company's growth by channel. This metric is especially useful for Branding actions.

5. Click Through Rate (CTR):

CTR allows you to analyze paid ads and content marketing strategies. Evaluate the number of times people viewed and clicked on the content to measure the performance of the advertisements.

6. Social Media Traffic:

This metric, accessible through Google Analytics, offers insights into the real volume of access to your online platforms. A valuable tool for measuring the real impact of your actions.

7. Bounce Rate:

Identify users who are rejecting your content by analyzing factors such as spam reports and blocks. This helps to improve content and avoid audience loss.

8. Conversion Rate:

Evaluate how many people perform the desired action, whether purchasing products, services or downloads. Use Google Analytics to understand the direct impact of social networks on results.

Conclusion: Boosting Your Online Presence

In a scenario where social networks are indispensable showcases, optimizing your content is crucial to ensure relevance and online presence. Effective monitoring of social media metrics is facilitated by good tools and a team of qualified professionals. Remember, success on social media isn't just about quantity, it's about quality and real impact.

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