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Marina La Torraca, A Singer Elite

Marina is a versatile singer, actress and songwriter from Brazil.

Continuing to promote friends who make some art out there, I now come to talk about another dear person Marina La Torraca. Daughter of my dear Paulo Colla and Tina La Torraca.

MARINA LA TORRACA is one of those people who make Brazilians proud of their offspring. Success here and (mainly) abroad, the vocalist was the second Brazilian to join Avantasia, she is one of four singers in the international quartet Exit Eden and released albums by the original band Phantom Elite.

She studied musical theater at the renowned Cirlce in the Square school in New York and has so far been seen on stages in the US, Brazil and across Europe. In 2017, she played the iconic role of Mimi Márquez in the 20th anniversary German tour of RENT - one of the most influential Broadway shows of all time.

Before that, she starred as a soloist for DS Entertaiment in their German Musical Highlights production tour. Marina was also part of the successful touring production Die Nacht der Musicals.

As a vocalist and songwriter in the metal scene, MARINA co-founded THE BAND Phantom Elite [“WASTELAND”, 2017; “TITANIUM”, 2021, RELEASED BY FRONTIERS MUSIC] with Sander Gommans [After Forever] in 2016.

Her path led to replacing Amanda Somerville IN PERFORMANCES with Avantasia [Eurovision 2016 Contestant]. She is now also part of the internationally acclaimed singing quartet Exit Eden [“RHAPSODIES IN BLACK”, 2017, RELEASED BY STARWATCH / PRODUCTION by ELEPHANT STUDIOS]. Behind the scenes, she works as a voice actor, vocal coach, vocal producer and songwriter.

Follow her on social media (thank you Marina for putting everything on one page lol):

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