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Vandalism in Brasilia.

About acts of vandalism in Brasília.

This will be my only opinion.

I disapprove of any act of vandalism, whether conducted in a public and private place. I have already been a victim of vandalism, and I inform the reader of this text that the feeling is unpleasant.

The situation occurred in July 2015, when I was going to work and arriving at a certain access road to a highway, a citizen, he got nervous (I never found out why because the reason presented later was pimp), and started to chase me until my workplace.

In a blatant failure of security, parking, my former place of work, the citizen entered and began to offend and threaten me. I ignored it as it's pointless to waste time on it. Not satisfied, the individual went to my car, and started kicking it.

I called his attention, and he, not happy, went to his vehicle and took an iron bar to advance on me. Grace to God unsuccessfully.

It ruined my day, and the next few weeks were a struggle to get my rights. I was even accused of being wrong in the story. It affected me and I felt awful about it.

Reiterating the glaring failure of the parking lot, the citizen managed to flee. My “luck” was that I activated the cell phone camera and recorded everything.

I took the necessary steps. And what impressed me was that the now defendant wasn't concerned about being sued. He only paid my damages after I executed him in court.

I can talk about the above in private. I have everything documented.

So, I vehemently repudiate any act of vandalism for whatever reason. Being made by anyone, whether white, black, brown, oriental, etc. Whether she's from party X or Y… Whether it favors this or that. Having REASON or not.

And that's all I have to say.

(P.S.: to avoid crying, I put the photos of two opposite demonstrations).

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