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The Hidden Risks of TikTok: What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Digital Influencer

I decided to write this text, after watching a #live on TikTok and one of the people who were participating in the #chat started saying that working under the CLT regime is pierced and anyone who works this way is a slave.

Well, as a good legal operator, I even tried to argue that things are not so black and white. But the person doing the #streaming acted hostile, agreeing with the chat person.

I already knew that all that hostility was because I didn't give any gifts on the live.

And some posted this news below:

And part of the text below was already ready, but this situation was the incentive to finish and publish.

I intend not to undo, to make anyone who works with this less valuable, it is just to draw attention to a situation that has already been shown, that of working with digital content, which is extremely volatile. That is, time you are high, another time low.

Many people, especially women, are working with TikTok because it is a highly profitable platform. With the popularity of the platform, many companies are looking for digital influencers to promote their products and services on Tik Tok, which can result in significant income for these content creators. Additionally, Tik Tok offers the opportunity to go viral relatively easily, which can lead to more followers and sponsorships.

However, there are risks associated with working with Tik Tok. As with any social media platform, privacy is a concern. Content creators should be aware that their personal information and content can be accessed by malicious people. In addition, working with Tik Tok requires a lot of time and effort. People can get caught in the trap of social media addiction and neglect other areas of their lives, like family, friends, and work.

There are several risks when working with influencers on TikTok.

These include:

Civil liability risks: digital influencers can be held responsible for any damage caused by their influence, such as material or moral damages.

Risks of copyright infringement: Digital influencers may infringe on copyrights by using copyrighted content without authorization.

Reputation risks: Digital influencers can damage the reputation of a brand or company if their content is not well received by the public.

Security risks: Digital influencers can expose confidential or private information when sharing content.

To avoid these risks, it is important for digital influencers to be responsible in their content and to be careful when sharing confidential information. Furthermore, they must be aware of copyright and that they do not share copyrighted content without authorization.

It's also essential to note that success on Tik Tok can be an illusion. While some users can earn a lot of money from the platform, the vast majority of content creators don't earn enough to support themselves. Many people can feel pressured to follow trends and create popular content to gain followers and sponsorships, which can lead to a loss of authenticity and creativity.

But is it illusion to work with TikTok? Why do some influencers undo their common work?

It is not necessarily an illusion to work with Tik Tok, but it is essential to keep in mind that success on the platform is not guaranteed. For some users, working with Tik Tok can be highly profitable and open doors to other career opportunities, while for others it may just be an additional source of income or a fun leisure activity.

It is common for some influencers to be dismissive of the common work, as many perceive content creation on Tik Tok as a more creative and authentic way to earn a living. Some may believe that traditional work is limiting and doesn't offer the same freedom and flexibility as work as a content creator.

However, it's indispensable to remember that working with Tik Tok and other social media platforms can also be demanding and challenging. Content creators need to stay current on platform trends and changes, create high-quality content, and maintain an engaged audience, which can be difficult and take a lot of time and effort.

In summary, working with Tik Tok may be a viable option for some people, but it is important to be aware of the risks and limitations of the platform, and to understand that success is not guaranteed. Everyone has their own work preferences and needs, and what works for one content creator may not work for another.


And the reader, do you think working with Tik Tok is serious or just an easy way to earn a living?

And yet, yes, we can find something positive in Tik Tok:

Write in the comments.

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