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React Videos: A New Frontier in Online Entertainment

The text below is another daydream about a phenomenon that I'm seeing happening on YouTube  e Twitch: react videos, or reaction videos. I saw some on these platforms and researched them. In this text, we'll explore the impact of react videos and how influencers like Casimiro are leading this online entertainment revolution.

The "react videos" have become an internet sensation, representing a unique genre of entertainment on YouTube and other video platforms. This phenomenon has captured not only the Brazilian public, but also the attention of foreign influencers, creating an intercultural space for sharing reactions.

In the case of foreign videos, there are more people reacting to films. It's at least curious to see women's reactions to films like "The Predator" from 1987, which is already a classic, but they claim to have never seen it (what planet were these girls born and lived on?).

The Power of Casimir: A Comic Rise

The Influencer Spotlight

Casimiro, one of the biggest internet phenomena, gained notoriety thanks to his comical style of reacting to videos on the platform Twitch. His ability to make viewers laugh has won him a legion of fans, turning him into a reference in the world of reaction videos.

If you want to know more about Casimiro, I suggest reading the text below:

Casimir's Unique Style

What makes Casimiro unique is the way he combines humor and authenticity in his reactions. His charisma and relaxed style captivate his audience, establishing a genuine connection with his followers.

(I confess that the video he watches is funnier with the reactions)

The Internationalization of React Videos

The Attraction of Brazilian References

While Casimiro shines on the national scene, the internationalization of react videos is evident. Foreign influencers, such as Frank Valchiria from the Netherlands and Alfie Whites from the United Kingdom, have found success reacting to Brazilian references.

Frank Valchiria: Magic in Brazilian Songs

Frank Valchiria, Dutch artist, immersed himself in the world of Brazilian songs. His authenticity in reacting to music from different genres captivated a global audience, showing that music transcends language barriers.

Alfie Whites: Discovering Brazil in Various Videos

Alfie Whites, a young British man, gained more than 300 thousand subscribers by reacting to the most diverse videos about Brazil. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for the country reflects the growing trend of exploring foreign cultures through react videos.

The Cultural Connection in React Videos

Interculturality in Reaction

React videos provide a unique platform for cultural exchange. The genuine reaction of foreign influencers to Brazilian content creates a bridge between different communities, promoting deeper understanding and mutual respect.

The Importance of Authenticity in Reaction

Authenticity in reacting is crucial to the success of cross-cultural react videos. Viewers value honesty and spontaneity, which makes for a more immersive and real experience.

The Future of React Videos

Evolution and Trends

React videos are constantly evolving, adapting to audience preferences. The trend is for more influencers to explore this format, providing new forms of entertainment and global connection.

The Role of Viewers in Content Creation

The interaction between influencers and viewers plays a crucial role in the evolution of react videos. Active audience participation shapes content, creating an engaging and collaborative community.

Participation is so active that some even sponsor the girls' videos through the sponsorship network Patreon. Just like the people who give, present in lives on Tik Tok.

Just so you don't think I'm lying, below is a reaction video from a foreigner, called Addie Counts, who shows her reactions when watching the action film, starring Bruce Willis, for the first time (????) , "Die Hard" (which is another classic, and I doubt she hadn't seen this film, only if she was living on Saturn...)


React videos have become a unique form of online entertainment, connecting people around the world through authentic reactions and humor. The phenomenon led by Casimiro and other foreign influencers demonstrates the strength of interculturality on the internet, creating a global entertainment experience.

I still want to see a reaction to the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey".

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