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What's wrong with putting a child up for adoption?

Today, January 29th, I usually say it's my second birthday. The day I was actually adopted and arrived at my parent s' house. My “biological” birth was on January 12, 1979. I was only in the hospital for seventeen days.

About adoption, I wrote a text on LinkedIn, given the repercussions of the case of Brazilian actress Klara Castanho.

I recommend reading.

See below.

Recently, I, João Odair Falanga Filho, have followed the case of actress Klara Castanho, and all the repercussions that followed. I saw people condemning the actress for delivering the child who was the result of a crime of rape, and I saw people condemning her for not having an abortion when she could have.

I, I see that people did not stop for a second to think, that at the time, it was the decision that the actress had. Perhaps due to lack of maturity, or lack of financial conditions, etc. As an adopted child, I see that the actress saw an opportunity to give the child a better future.

But what we see is that whatever attitude has been taken, there is no reason to condemn a person, but to provide support, support.

I thank you daily for being adopted, for having an opportunity in my life. I was able to study, get a job, conquer my things, meet people, I could even travel abroad. Furthermore, I received love from my family. And that's what keeps me going with things.

I've also made mistakes, learned from them, realized that I became a better person after that. I was already afraid of being “condemned”, of being “judged”, but I realized that the opinion of others is just the opinion of others.

Yes, he already suffers prejudice for being adopted. I've heard the phrase "you're not a real son", and things like that. Unfortunately, some people don't understand that kinship has much more to do with affinity than with blood ties. I also had moments when I felt alone, “different”. But when I look back and see what I've achieved, I stop thinking about it. As I said earlier, I received all the love and support that my parents, brothers, nephews, relatives gave me.

For you, who are reading this, I hope you understand that this text may seem like an outburst, but it is an attempt by this humble writer to show that life plays tricks on us, and we have to deal with it. But, condemning people, just because “I have an opinion on the subject”, to me, that is disrespectful.

I hope that the child given up for adoption is happy, and also the actress, and that she continues on her successful journey.

About the repercussion of actress Klara Castanho's situation, read here (subject in Portuguese).

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