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What can suspense books teach us about strategy, leadership and innovation?

What can you learn in the corporate world by reading thrillers?

The thrillers are a literary genre that involves mystery, tension, surprise and emotion. But can they teach us anything about the corporate world? The answer is yes! In this article, let's explore some lessons we can extract from thrillers and apply in our professional career.

1. Attention to detail

A good thriller is one that makes us pay attention to every clue, every dialogue, every gesture of the characters. So we can try to solve the riddle before the end of the story. In the corporate world, attention to detail is also essential to avoid mistakes, identify opportunities, analyze scenarios and make the right decisions.

2. Creativity and innovation

Thriller authors need to be creative and innovative to create original, engaging and unpredictable plots. They also need to adapt to changes in the publishing industry and reader preferences. In the corporate world, creativity and innovation are increasingly valued skills, as they allow the development of differentiated, competitive and efficient solutions for everyday problems and challenges.

3. Planning and strategy

Thrillers are works that require careful planning and strategy on the part of the authors. They need to define the story's goals, characters, conflicts, settings, resources, and obstacles. They also need to organize the information in a way that is coherent, logical and appealing to the reader. In the corporate world, planning and strategy are essential to define goals, actions, deadlines, responsibilities and performance indicators. They also help optimize resources, reduce risk and increase productivity.

4. Persuasion and communication

The thrillers are works that intend to persuade and communicate with the reader. They use narrative techniques such as suspense, climax, anticlimax, hook, twist, false culprit, among others, to capture attention, generate anticipation, provoke emotions, and convey messages. In the corporate world, persuasion and communication are skills that facilitate interpersonal relationships, negotiation, leadership, presentation of ideas and projects and positive influence on others.

5. Resilience and overcoming

The thrillers are works that show characters who face adverse, dangerous and complex situations. They need to be resilient and overcome their fears, traumas, limitations and obstacles to achieve their goals or survive. In the corporate world, resilience and resilience are qualities that allow us to deal with pressures, frustrations, changes and crises in a balanced, positive and proactive way.

As we've seen, thrillers can offer us much more than entertainment. They can inspire us and teach us valuable lessons for our professional development. So it's worth including this genre on our reading list!

And oh, I've already read all the books that appear in the pictures.

The videos are of two people talking about a great thriller book. I ask that you watch.

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