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Superficial Relationships: In Search of True Friendship

This fashion for superficial relationships
This fashion for superficial relationships

She calls and asks you out, after all, you are always available for any program. This is great, my friend. These friendships are great for those who just want to enjoy life, but what about the friendships they welcome, where are they? Or, I meet a guy and immediately hook up with him, then comes the frustration and the feeling of emptiness that remains the next day. But how available are you for a delivery relationship?

Superficial Relationships: In Search of True Friendship

I've been asking this question because I often notice this movement, not only in teenagers, but among adults, a relationship like: I'm with you as long as you're with me, but in the first situation where you want something different or expose another way of thinking, It is out. Superficial relationships have always existed, they are part of the social context, treating others well, relating to those who don't like them, but which we need to accept. But do we need to extend this behavior to all areas of our lives?

Superficiality in Modern Society

I'll never forget the day I witnessed a beggar and I was left with such a feeling of pain when the person nearby said: I don't worry about it, I just don't think about it, it's easier that way. We are living in a moment where everything is superficial, perhaps it is the result of so many disappointments, of not knowing how to deal with and resolve something. It seems that the hole is so big that we have lost track of where to start, of how to change what is already established in our culture.

The Lost Sensitivity

I believe that we are all sensitive to other people's pain, to a lesser or greater extent, but we are, but each person reacts differently to these situations, one of which may be indifference. Not wanting or not being able to take care of the other, leaving aside everything that could actually be a bit of work. Lending a friendly shoulder is hard work, yes, we need to stop and find time, leave some obligations aside and give in with affection to the other person, who in some way needs a lap. It is necessary to have availability and courage to get in touch with the pain of others. It's no wonder that psychology offices are full, many people turn to us professionals to be heard in their essence, they want to be welcomed, because something as simple as just listening has become increasingly difficult to do.

A Friendly Hug

There are many moments in our lives where we just need a hug, an ear. I'm going to make it clear here that listening without judging is something rare, just thinking about how difficult it is not to make assumptions, to talk about how we overcame something. But I must remember that this approach does not always work, because when the pain is great, we don't want that, we just seek comfort from a friendly lap.

Important Tips

- Try to listen and not talk;

- Understand that each person has their own threshold for pain and deals with situations in a way that you might not even mind;

- Be whole in relationships, whether friendships or romantic relationships;

- Don't deny yourself a lap, you will still need many during the course of your life, believe me.

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