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Spirit, Soul or Body?

Power, essence, appearance. Which of these is, in fact, Man?

Man is, in fact, his function, which is expressed by culture (which is categorized as High, Medium and Low, respectively).

What is better? Filling the Soul with good examples to enhance the Spirit or labeling the Body, thus limiting the examples to the Soul and, consequently, diminishing the Spirit?

Western studies, for millennia, have turned to the Spirit, the highest layer of being for the highest cultural spectrum. In this way, education is sought by model, model of virtues, for example, in Ancient Greece Odysseus was a great example of courage and cunning, as well as Hercules, of strength. Christianity maintains this model, however, focused on Jesus and the saints; holiness is, therefore, the main model in medieval society.

History changes a little in the Renaissance, when education is disconnected from religion — religion that even means “to reconnect”, reconnects Men to something superior and more sublime than their own existence — at the time Humanism was adopted, not to effectively build a generalized atheism, but just changing the focus, from God, to Man, however this perspective explains much more about our ESSENCE than our POWER. Note that the number of geniuses gradually decreases from generation to generation since the Renaissance, it became a feedback education, even with scientific advances, there was a philosophical decline from Descartes.

And the body, the appearance?

It is quite noticeable that contemporary education focuses not on POWER or on ESSENCE, but on the world; be it the natural world, with tons of Biology, Physics and Chemistry already at a young age, or the human world, with the same brutal amount of History, Geography and Sociology.

On those days, he clings to matter, to a temporary shell, thus making teaching itself ephemeral. The disciplines mentioned above are indeed important, but not on a generalized level, they should be treated on a technical level, for example: a civil engineer must study advanced calculations and physics, however it is not a rule for everyone.

After all, what good is super advanced knowledge in the Physics of the World of Creatures when we don't know how things are in the World of the Creator, which, in fact, is the Eternal Abode.

Just as, for the Egyptians, — when the weight of the heart was the parameter for Osiris when authorizing entry into paradise, — we must also be concerned, not with its weight, but with our attitudes, to reflect our models of virtues, whether taking as, for example, a model of Courage, São Paulo, Odysseus or Harry Potter.

A poor education of MODELS opens a gap for ANOMALIES because if there is no one to be inspired by, your actions are adrift in a sea of uncertainties. “Be what you want to be”. Without an example of Justice, what prevents a magistrate from being corrupt? Without an example of Loyalty, preventing a soldier from becoming a traitor to the homeland?

The problem is not in today's pragmatism, but in its exacerbated face, which obscures the essence of things (and of ourselves) as well as making it impossible to see our own power, making Man an animal released in the middle, and not the same as a space modifying agent.

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