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Niccolò Machiavelli 1469 to 1527. How dangerous it is to free a people who prefer slavery!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


A people who passively accept corruption and the corrupt do not deserve freedom. Deserves slavery.

A country whose laws are lenient and benefit criminals has no vocation for freedom. Its people are slaves by nature.

A people whose institutions, public and private, are largely corrupt, has no future. Just past. A nation, where the so-called organized civil society does not move a straw if there is no possibility of profits, is not able to bequeath anything to its children, except dark days.

A homeland, where receiving ill-gotten money on any account is normal, is not a homeland, because in that place there is no #patriotism, only interests and appearances.

A country where the few who strive to make moral values ​​prevail, such as honesty, ethics, honor, are suffocated and massacred, has long since fallen into the abyss. A society where many men and women are satisfied with sordid distractions, in a deep trance, does not deserve to subsist.

I only have compassion on those brave ones, who are revolted by this state of affairs. To those who consider this calamity normal, I have no feelings.

How dangerous it is to free a people who prefer slavery! (Nicholas #Machiavelli)

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