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We are like this ? (The Leader)

Behold, today you can be the leader you want, you conquer what you want, no one needs to direct you, you were made to direct, the motivational speech has power, power to lead the unidentified to identify with whatever they want, talk that they are without ever having been.

 Leader : Two chess pieces: a pawn and the king.

Damn universal leadership, where they preach that being ahead is for everyone and just want to!

You can't silence the coach fallacy, the prosperity fallacy, but you can decide not to follow this plague.

Yes, a plague, which induces you to desire and waste your time in works to win a title, a position, which did not fit you, now men and women try to fit a triangular piece into a square hole and you will see that it does not fit, that is it's not a stagnatory proposal speech, it's an invitation to free yourself from chains, do you want to be a leader of something?

Give up several things, if not all things, because the leader points the direction with both hands and becomes fully responsible for the fate of those who will follow the indicated path if they follow exactly what is proposed.

Don't be part of a generation frustrated by not being a manager, ministerial leader or entrepreneur.

It is up to many to learn only to lead what has been entrusted to them with responsibility, the essence of all works, to lead what is called life.

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