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Larissa Manoela: History of Independence and Financial Challenges

Larissa Manoela — Photo: Reproduction
Larissa Manoela — Photo: Reproduction


In this article, we will explore the trajectory of renowned actress and singer Larissa Manoela, who recently shared her experience of separating from her parents' career and finance management. Upon reaching the age of majority, Larissa sought independence to better understand the business aspects of her life. We will cover the conflicts that arose, the lack of financial knowledge at a young age, the challenges faced and the important decisions that shaped his journey.

Conflict and Larissa Manoela's Search for Independence

Upon reaching the age of 18, Larissa Manoela found herself at a crucial point in her life. She yearned for a deeper understanding of the business aspects that shaped her career and finances. The search for independence in this context triggered conflicts with their parents, who until then had managed these aspects. It is important to highlight that this search for autonomy is not related to her fiance André Luiz Frambach, emphasizing the distinction between the two spheres of her life.

Financial Challenges and Lack of Knowledge

Since she was young, Larissa Manoela achieved success and substantial earnings. However, his lack of financial knowledge became evident when he began to question the details of his finances. She highlights the importance of understanding how her earnings were managed, which led to conflicts with her parents. Recordings reveal her mother's responses, highlighting the complexity of conversations about money and business.

Limited Financial Autonomy

Larissa shares that her financial autonomy was limited, since she depended on a monthly allowance and needed permission to make expenses. The need to get legal help accessing their companies' contracts became a crucial step in their journey. It turned out that one of the companies, Dalari, founded when Larissa was just 13 years old, had her parents as majority owners, holding 98% of the shares. In addition, another company, exclusively owned by her, still gave decision-making power to parents. A third holding company, intended to consolidate assets, did not achieve its purpose.

Strained Relationships and Important Decisions

Audios reveal the tension in family relationships, showing that legal arguments did not result in redistribution of property. This led Larissa Manoela to make a difficult decision: separating from her parents and managing her career through a single company. Even giving up a significant inheritance of R$18 million, Larissa remains firm in her choice. The formal dissolution has yet to be signed by her parents, prolonging the situation.

Reflections and Conclusion

Larissa Manoela expresses her hope that her decision will bring comfort to her parents over time. She reflects on the challenges faced and reaffirms her dedication to shaping her own professional journey. On the other hand, the defense of her parents contests her allegations, arguing that Larissa was fully aware of her 2% stake in the Dalari company, had access to the card and received notifications in August. The defense laments what it considers Larissa's ingratitude, highlighting unconditional love.


The story of Larissa Manoela is a striking example of the search for financial autonomy and independence amidst the challenges of a successful career since childhood. His journey reminds us of the importance of financial knowledge and conscious decision making at a young age. Larissa Manoela continues to walk her own path, facing challenges and making bold decisions to shape her future.

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