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One of my favorite songs, see what dedication and effort does. I Want Your Love from Chic

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

LP cover of I Want Your Love from Chic

I Want Your Love from Chic is one of my favorite songs, and I'm going to show you why.

But first about the band:

Chic is an American band formed between 1975 and 1976 by guitarist Nile Rodgers and bassist Bernard Edwards. They are best remembered for their disco songs, including "Dance Dance Dance" (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (1977), "Everybody Dance" (1977), "Le Freak" (1978), "I Want Your Love" (1978) ), "Good Times" (1979) and "My Forbidden Lover" (1979).

In 1978, the band released a masterpiece of Disco Music, the album C'est Chic, which won the double platinum disc and features unforgettable songs such as I Want Your Love and the immortal Le Freak (the band's biggest hit).

The success was so great that to this day, the album is the best-selling record of the Atlantic label (now Warner) with almost 7 million copies at the time. The following year, another huge success, the album Risqué, which brought to light eternal songs like My Feet Keep Dancing, My Forbidden Lover and the great Good Times, the latter that influenced most of the disco and funk bands of the time, in addition to have served as the basis for early Hip Hop songs. (Source Wikipedia)

Why do I love this song?

Chic's smooth, fast-paced follow-up to their epic "Le Freak" record, "I Want Your Love" was a hit in its own right in early 1979. And while it may not have been as commercially impressive as the first, it was a stunning example. , and often better, of how easily Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers could work magic on a song together.

Simple but remarkably textured, this is Rodgers' autobiographical, bittersweet lament of unrequited love. Dominant here is the song's four-note riff, which plays in the intro on the bells before being swept up by the lilting strings that finally drive the melody. Echoed by both horns and vocals, the slightly melancholy chorus "I want your love, I need your love" was the passionate repetition that made the song such a captivating never-ending circle—a sonic masterpiece.

About the band:

About the song:

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