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Honoring commitments: A gesture of respect and politeness

a person in a coworking, waiting for another. One of the commitments is to fulfill the promise

Who hasn't felt frustrated with a friend, co-worker, or business associate who RSVPs to an appointment, only to back out at the last minute or worse, not show up at all?

I think we've all experienced this scenario at some point, and it's something that really bothers me. In my opinion, this lack of commitment is not only a show of disrespect, but also a lack of education.

We live in an increasingly fast-paced and busy society, and our time has become a valuable resource. When someone commits to attending an event, whether it's a casual encounter or a business meeting, they're reserving precious space in their schedule to be there.

The lack of commitment impacts individuals and organizations, generating dissatisfaction and damaging the image, both personal and professional. Imagine the embarrassment of waiting for a colleague at a happy hour meeting, or the loss of having booked a time slot for a business meeting and the other party simply not showing up.

Also, there is the domino effect. When one person misses an appointment without giving satisfaction, those affected can begin to distrust their trustworthiness, which can damage the relationship and long-term reputation.

I understand that unforeseen events happen and that it is not always possible to honor all the commitments we make. However, in these cases, communication is key. Informing in advance and apologizing shows respect for others' time and trust.

In conclusion, keeping one's word is a matter of ethics and respect. Committing to and following through on the agreements we make, whether for an informal meeting or a professional engagement, builds trust, improves interpersonal relationships, and builds a positive reputation. Let's value the time of others as we value our own. Respect and education never go out of style.

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