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Beware of people full of "caresses" and smooth talk. Peter and Judas.

Peter and Judas sitting by candlelight

Peter and Judas were warned of the sin they would commit.

Both betrayed Jesus, and it's safe to say that both were disgusted by the betrayal.

Above I mentioned some similarities, besides that both were disciples of Jesus, and served alongside the Master for the same period of time, went through the same "selection" process, saw the same miracles and heard the same teachings. However, there are important differences.

When touched by remorse, Peter and Judas had opposite attitudes.

While Judas rushed, Peter waited and trusted in the Love of Jesus. Judas made the tragic choice of suicide and Peter persevered in prayer.

Although their sin was similar, the ending was completely different. Judas left history with a stained memory, guilty, "condemned", while Peter, was once again commissioned, forgiven, renewed, and became a reference for the other Apostles.

Yes, it's true, Pedro was explosive, authentic and sincere, but far from being a dangerous man.

The danger was in Judas who smiled and kissed on the cheek. So beware of people full of "caresses" and smooth talkers.

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