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A Funny Text About People Who Don't Give Arrow Sign In Traffic

(the following text was born from my routine of driving a car and having to guess which way the driver is going to turn, since no one uses the arrow)

A man nearly being hit by a car. Arrow Traffic Ratio

We all know that person: you're driving smoothly and suddenly someone changes lanes without giving you the turn signal. It is not only frustrating but also dangerous. The Traffic Arrow relationship.

The Adventure Begins

Imagine, if you can, that you are navigating a busy road. Everything is going well, the radio is playing your favorite songs and the sun is shining. Suddenly, without warning, the car in front of you changes lanes. He didn't give an arrow signal. Yes, a true agent of chaos in the world of traffic.

The Specialists in "Automotive Mime

Some people seem to believe they are masters of the art of automotive mime. They can move the steering wheel so subtly that only a Cirque du Soleil veteran could detect the imminent change in direction. But sadly, most of us don't have those circus skills.

The Relic of Blinking Light

Sometimes I wonder if people forget that cars come equipped with a magical device called a turn signal. This is a miraculous instrument that can indicate to other drivers what your intention is in traffic. It's almost like it's a form of auto telepathy.

The Invisible Lane Changing Championship

Other drivers seem to believe they are participating in some kind of invisible lane-changing competition. They swerve from one side to the other, so quickly that not even a Formula 1 driver could keep up. And the best of all? They do this all without using the arrow sign.

The Dance of Traffic

In reality, transit is like a big dance. We must all move in harmony, respecting the rules to ensure that no one gets hurt. And the arrow sign? Well, he's like the rhythm of this dance. Without it, everything becomes a little... awkward.

The Last Word

At the end of the day, giving the turn signal is a matter of safety and courtesy. So the next time you're going to change lanes, remember to use this awesome tool. It will make life on the road a little less stressful for all of us. And if you know one of these audacious asphalt dancers, who insists on ignoring the rhythm of the arrow, share this text with him. Who knows, maybe he'll be inspired to get in step with us.

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